Materials, colors & finishes
at the core of product design development.

I am a French industrial designer with a decade experience developing products and thoughtful material explorations with industry leaders. I believes that material, color, surface and manufacturing processes should be highly considered from the early start of a project as it drives its final aesthetic, function & sustainability. 

Material-led design expertise services.

I tackle every part of the CMF design process : strategy, research, development, sourcing, and storytelling to support both companies and suppliers to identify the best material solutions and give consistency and uniqueness to their product.

Projects (coming soon)

DÉJÀ-VU, Paris - Products

Renault Morphoz - Electric concept car

Renault Symbioz - Electric concept car 

LÉCLISSE - Luxury bags brand

Renault New Zoe - Production car

Mire - Unidirectionnal sound speaker

Renault Trezor - Concept car

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric - Production car (2022)

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