Renault Symbioz is a global research project about electric mobility. A car and a house are linked and offer a common DNA. The project is the opportunity to push the boundaries between domestic sphere and a car product. Thus several material that we usually found in a house are chosen to enhance this aspect and suggest new usages.

Savoir-faire woodworking - Till Breitfuss, textile design - Aleksandra Gaca, leatherwork - Julian Mardesson • Materials wood, whool, 3D printed ceramic, leather, honeycomb marble, suede, aluminium, corian, etc. Project Autonomous and electric concept car + house • Year 2016-17 • With Mathilde Bancon, Tina Kentner, Joseph Reeve, Vincent Turpin, art direction - Stephane Janin. © Crédits photo : Fernando Guerra, Stephane Janin

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