I am a French designer, with a decade experience developing thoughtful products and material explorations with industry leaders. My approach revolves around the idea that materials are the key to the functional, sustainable and emotional attributes of a successful product.

Trained as an industrial designer in Paris, France, I developed a material design driven approach that is tri-dimensional, supporting both companies and suppliers to design, specify and choose the best material solutions to give consistency and uniqueness to their product offer.

I believe that color, surface and manufacturing processes should be highly considered from the early start of a project as it drives its final aesthetic, function & sustainability. With that in mind, I tackle every part of the material design process: strategy, research, exploration, development, sourcing, presentation and storytelling.

CMF design ?

Colour Material & Finish design is not as well known as other design fields and often identified as solely focusing on trends and colors. However this discipline has various areas of expertise with slight variations linked to design, engineering and marketing.

CMF designers explore various solutions regarding a design brief, a research prospect or materials issues. From trends analysis to product development, they bring together creativity and technology, deal with industrial constraints and complexity to propose a coherent and appealing deliverable. More than just aesthetic motivations CMF expertise is driven by functionality, shapes, techniques as well as environmental matters.


Trained as an industrial designer my tools can vary, from 2D and 3D softwares to physical mockups. As a CMF design expert I am obviously working with real material samples but also with 3D and rendering softwares. I constantly keep an eye open on new materials, emerging consumers, design trends and related topics through specific networks and readings.

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